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Born, blessed, and sometimes burdened with a hyperactive and creative mind, I have spent the past years developing myself as a creative. Why? Because creating makes me truly happy.

Fluttering like a butterfly, I love to get lost in my obsessions for bitterballen, lucky cats, and contradistinctions. The last one is based on my belief that blending different worlds, perspectives, and elements can create true magic. And once you start noticing the beauty of contrast, there’s no way back.

I'm endlessly fascinated by the pairing of sportswear and couture fashion, the fusion of violin solo's with underground techno, the integration of beauty in ugliness and ugliness in beauty, the merge of the analog world into the digital era, the symphony of organized chaos, the normal becoming abnormal and the other way around, and embracing the imperfections that make perfection all the more intriguing. These opposing forces run through my own veins too, since I am both intro- and extraverted, a small talker and a "meaning of life" chatterer, and skilled in both art and copy (no, I’m not choosing!).

And speaking of contrast, let me introduce you to the most dual thing I’ve ever seen: the advertising industry. The place where pure creativity, boundaries, data-driven insights, commercial objectives, and social responsibility come together.

In this interesting field, I see an opportunity for change. I want to break conventions, push boundaries and innovate. How? By learning from and with others and never stop doing so. And by being open to anything and anyone. Together, we can make the (advertising) world a more beautiful, surprising and sincere place.

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